Kozeni Lite (FREE!)

Gather coins by tapping them!
Tap same kind of coins continuously to get high scores.


Difference between Kozeni and Kozeni Lite:

paid version has 2 extra game modes:


By tapping coins, "Pay" the amount shown at the top of the screen.
(Shake your device when there's not enough coins.)

The game is over when time is up.


By tapping same kind of coins continuously, "Exchange" them to another.

The game is over when the number of coins on the screen exceed 50.

On iPhone 3G or lower, some visual effects are disabled
and the gameplay can seem a bit slow.

Texture: Caleb Kimbrough
Font: B.Haber
Sound Effects: TAM Music Factory / SFXsource.com
Icons: The Working Group Inc. / Masahiro Kurokawa