World Map Puzzle Maniacs

The most detailed world map puzzles for mobile devices.

World Map Puzzle Maniacs is a realistic map puzzle game for all geography fans. I wish this app had as much trivial detail as possible, since I love small countries and isolated islands.

7 regions of the world: Asia, Europe, North America, Carribean, South America, Oceania, Africa and Indian Ocean.

37 countries: Subdivision maps of selected countries - United States, China, Russia, etc. Many other countries are coming soon.


- Attach pieces on the fly I notice most of the similar apps force you to move pieces one by one. In this app, you can attach pieces each other naturally, before put them to the right position.

- Easy access to Wikipedia As you touch a piece, its name appears next to the dictionary icon on top of the screen. You can access to online reference by just tapping the icon anytime you want.

- Resume game after interuption

- Keep shortest time record for each maps


- Supports both iPhone and iPad.

- iOS6.0 or higher.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Made with Natural Earth. Free vector and raster map data @